Waterproof Socks

Since the 8th century when the Greeks from the ancient world invented socks, their worth and use has changed with each day that passes. Initially, they were made from hair obtained from animals. With their main use as keeping the feet warm in cold weather and perspiration absorption, various improvements have been made to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. However, the 21st century came with more appealing improvements where waterproof socks were invented. Their manufacture involves a breathable membrane that is also waterproof and sandwiched between two layers of socks. To form waterproof socks

Waterproof Socks

Once the breathable waterproof membrane is integrated within the other layers of materials making up the socks, it leads to the formation of better socks that keep your feet warm and dry than the usual kind of socks. There are various factors that you need to consider when looking for waterproof socks. These factors ensure that you come up with the best products that meet the needs that you desired.

The rating of the waterproof is one of the factors to consider. Since the main reason as to why you would obtain these socks is because of their waterproof ability, you need to know more about the products making up the product you want to acquire. A waterproof is manufactured from a knit interior and exterior socks and a waterproof membrane sandwiched between them. The outer and inner materials must be thick enough in order to protect the membrane from unnecessary abrasion. This makes them thicker than the usual socks. Some of them are waterproof from the bottom to the top hence keeping your feet healthy, warm and dry. The rating of each kind of socks will tell you the best socks. However, if you are working in heavy rains for an extended period of time in light rains, ensure that you cover the socks with a waterproof material like the rain pants.

Breathability rating

To avoid overheating of your feet when you engage in various activities, the waterproof socks that you wear should have a high breathability ability. Waterproof socks are known to be made from an ultra-thin artex PTFE waterproof membrane with a molecular structure that allows for stretching of the materials making up the membrane while the pores do not stretch. This allows for breathing without the water being able to pass through. It also makes it easy to wear the socks

Material composition

It also depends on the materials that make up the socks in order to make it durable and improve its quality. Some of the socks are made from fibres that at times succumb to water. Other times, the socks are made from nylon. Nylon does not absorb water hence it makes the socks better. Moreover, the inner side can be made from blends of Merino Wool or Coolmax. For extra warmth, the blend made up of wool is the best. However, Coolmax is a light antibacterial lining, unlike the wool blend.

Ergonomic fit

The waterproof membrane making up the socks provides a 3D shape to the socks, unlike the flat shaped usual socks. This makes sure that the socks fit better into the feet. Also, the socks are tested using pressure to ensure that they have no leakage. For durability a better cushioning, the socks have padded heel and toe as well as a broadened toe box.


The weight of the socks matters a lot. You need heavier socks for winters and for the shoes that can accommodate such thick socks. There are also lightweight socks that can be used for a wide variety of activities like golfing, running and other sports. You should make sure that all these socks have a reinforced heel and toes for more comfort and durability. Therefore, the type of waterproof socks’ weight depends on the uses. It is also necessary to consider various other factors like customer reviews, warranty, care instructions and the size to come up with the best socks.

Apart from having waterproof shoes, it is necessary to ensure that you are fully protected. Personal health is very important hence avoiding wet feet especially when wearing shoes is very necessary. You should look for an additional way to keep your feet warm and dry. One of the best ways to do this is acquiring waterproof socks. However, you should consider all the necessary factors before acquiring the socks you desire. You can then choose from a wide variety of waterproof socks like Dexshell Coolvent, Crosspoint waterproof socks and Camaro Titanium among others.