Watch for Marathon Runners

Watches used by runners are known to be on the top of all the wearables that are available in the market. Their performance is very exquisite with a smart design, improved performance, and an improved battery life. However, people are still looking for the best type of running watches that provide more than the services in the current running watches. We are in need of good apps that provide excellent statistics, good usability and accurate GPS.

Watch for Marathon Runners

There exist very amazing designs of watches in the market that have been seen to be amazing partners for runners in 2018. However, we still have to wonder which would be the best watches to settle on our wrists on the marathons or any other type of running? This article gives an analysis of the best types of running watches that are available in the market

One of the most amazing designs of marathon running watches is the Polar M430. This might not be the best selling watch in the market due to its look but it is easy to use and has a good battery life. It is an improvement of the Europeans Polar M400. The new design comes with a heart rate monitor that is excellent for training as well as the real running. This property helps you to monitor your daily fitness with just a wearable on your wrist. Its ability to track the distance covered as well as the smart notifications make it an excellent device to use. The polar app built in the watch helps one to monitor the daily activities. Basing on the fact that it has a battery life of up to 30 hours, it can serve as a good training companion. Nonetheless, the manufacturers of this watch did not integrate more sophisticated running dynamics like those found in the Garmin Forerunner 935 or the Polar 800 which seem to be better running watches thanM400.

A perfect running companion would be the Garmin Forerunner 235 which is offered at an amazingly affordable price. This watch has a battery life of approximately 9 days which unlike many other devices makes it far more excellent. All the while, the watch will be tracking your daily activities and 11 hours of GPS tracking. Your heart rate can then be continuously monitored and you can enjoy smartphone notifications, live tracking, audio prompts, custom watch faces, activity analysis through Garmin connect app among other exquisite functionality services. Unlike many other running watches, this Garmin watch can help you backtrack your root if you get lost. The VO2 monitor always ensures that you have not pressurized yourself too much to hinder training.

Unlike the Garmin 235, Garmin Vivoactive 3 has better functionality and improved services. This watch serves as a fashion, GPS sports and a smartwatch. It has been out to compete with designs like those produced by android wear devices and apple watches. Through the watch, you can use the Garmin pay to make contactless transactions. It also has features like heart rate tracking, GPS, multi-sport support apps and all the other Garmin smarts. You will also be fascinated by Suunto Ambit3 Vertical which is also another beat in the running watches. This watch has a thermometer, a compass, barometer, and an altimeter to help you cater and track all your outdoor activities. Its smartphone exploits are limitless and an excellent battery life that lasts for days even with GPS tracking.

The Garmin Forerunner 935, on the other hand, is an excellent athlete’s tool to have on your wrist. This watch provides the most complete features that you can imagine to be in any running watch. It has features like guidance for recovery time, VO2 max, vertical oscillation, ground contact time several running metric and more features. All these are complemented by a reliable GPS that helps you know where you are always. You can also check on the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus which is the latest version of the Garmin watches, apple watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Fitbit Ionic which are also good running companions.

Marathon runners always need something that can act as a companion in their tiring endeavours. Having a wearable around your wrist that can help you stay fit through monitoring the heart rate, allowing you to track your location through GPS, synchronizing your cell phone and monitoring your daily activities is a very good thing. Thanks to technology, out the market, there are watches that have far better operations than we may even need in our daily activities. If you are a runner, you should get one design of running watches for the best results