Half Marathon Training Plan

One of the most common things that make the world amazing is the existence of various types of games. However, a lot of professionalism is required in training for specific games in order for an individual or a team to emerge as the winner. The half marathon is one of those games. Training for half marathon does not just involve running around to beat time but it involves a lot. The distance covered in half marathon is known to present a real test outside the prevalent 10k. This article involves a half marathon training schedule

For half marathon, the training will involve a period of 3 months, unlike the 5 months that are involved in the real marathon. Therefore, training for half marathon makes the trainees much flexible compared to those training for the full marathon. Moreover, recovering after a half marathon happens much faster compared to the recovery period that those involved in the full marathon take. This simply means that one individual can be involved in several half marathon races within a single season. This is good news for the runners and those training for half marathon since it presents an opportunity for one to be a champion in more than one race within a very short period of time.

The training schedule for half marathon involves a 12 weeks plan that is divided into beginner’s half marathon, intermediate half marathon, advanced half marathon and competitive half marathon training plan. However, a six months training is required for any individual to engage in any of the mentioned training plans. There is no single system that can fit all the trainees but you can integrate the above schedule into your system since the schedule is very dependable. Within the four mentioned phases, the individual develops tapering, speed, strength and endurance. It is necessary to ensure that you are in good shape before integrating any of the phases into your rhythm to get the best results a pre-training schedule of one week is also provided in every phase to gauge yourself and determine if you are able to run the number of miles that are required. If you are not, you can begin by adding a mile to every running session that you take until you are able to reach the required threshold. This means that you should be comfortable with the races started in the pre-training schedule of the half marathon for you to deem yourself fit to run in the races.

Beginner’s half marathon training schedule involves running for an additional mile in each warm up as well as the same for a warm down in addition to the fartlek runs. In the tables 1, 2, 3 and 4 consecutively which involves beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitive half marathon schedules, paces denoted as 10k or 5k indicate the speed you should use to run the 10k or 5k distance for a specific day. 4-5 hills mean a repeat of these number of times at a 5k pace on 150-200m long hills. If you see something like 4 by 880s it means that repeats of each 880 yards should be run with intervals of 2 minutes of rest and half of that for 440s. A pre-training schedule is also provided in figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 which involves beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitive half marathon schedules consecutively. The schedule for beginners involves 35 miles that for intermediate involves 40 miles, the one for advanced involves 45 miles and that for competitive involves 55 miles.
Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 1

Table 1

Intermediate Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 2

Table 2

Advanced Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 3

Table 3

Competitive Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 4

Table 4

In order to excel in half marathon, you have to do a lot of training. However, training randomly cannot earn you the strength, the speed and endurance that is required. You must have a schedule to follow in order to advance to the most competitive level with time. The adaptability of the body of human beings takes place gradually and that is the essence of the schedule. Once you follow the schedule correctly and excel in every stage, you are therefore fit to engage in the half marathon races. Do not stop. Keep pressing on!