Waterproof Socks

Since the 8th century when the Greeks from the ancient world invented socks, their worth and use has changed with each day that passes. Initially, they were made from hair obtained from animals. With their main use as keeping the feet warm in cold weather and perspiration absorption, various improvements have been made to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. However, the 21st century came with more appealing improvements where waterproof socks were invented. Their manufacture involves a breathable membrane that is also waterproof and sandwiched between two layers of socks. To form waterproof socks

Waterproof Socks

Once the breathable waterproof membrane is integrated within the other layers of materials making up the socks, it leads to the formation of better socks that keep your feet warm and dry than the usual kind of socks. There are various factors that you need to consider when looking for waterproof socks. These factors ensure that you come up with the best products that meet the needs that you desired.

The rating of the waterproof is one of the factors to consider. Since the main reason as to why you would obtain these socks is because of their waterproof ability, you need to know more about the products making up the product you want to acquire. A waterproof is manufactured from a knit interior and exterior socks and a waterproof membrane sandwiched between them. The outer and inner materials must be thick enough in order to protect the membrane from unnecessary abrasion. This makes them thicker than the usual socks. Some of them are waterproof from the bottom to the top hence keeping your feet healthy, warm and dry. The rating of each kind of socks will tell you the best socks. However, if you are working in heavy rains for an extended period of time in light rains, ensure that you cover the socks with a waterproof material like the rain pants.

Breathability rating

To avoid overheating of your feet when you engage in various activities, the waterproof socks that you wear should have a high breathability ability. Waterproof socks are known to be made from an ultra-thin artex PTFE waterproof membrane with a molecular structure that allows for stretching of the materials making up the membrane while the pores do not stretch. This allows for breathing without the water being able to pass through. It also makes it easy to wear the socks

Material composition

It also depends on the materials that make up the socks in order to make it durable and improve its quality. Some of the socks are made from fibres that at times succumb to water. Other times, the socks are made from nylon. Nylon does not absorb water hence it makes the socks better. Moreover, the inner side can be made from blends of Merino Wool or Coolmax. For extra warmth, the blend made up of wool is the best. However, Coolmax is a light antibacterial lining, unlike the wool blend.

Ergonomic fit

The waterproof membrane making up the socks provides a 3D shape to the socks, unlike the flat shaped usual socks. This makes sure that the socks fit better into the feet. Also, the socks are tested using pressure to ensure that they have no leakage. For durability a better cushioning, the socks have padded heel and toe as well as a broadened toe box.


The weight of the socks matters a lot. You need heavier socks for winters and for the shoes that can accommodate such thick socks. There are also lightweight socks that can be used for a wide variety of activities like golfing, running and other sports. You should make sure that all these socks have a reinforced heel and toes for more comfort and durability. Therefore, the type of waterproof socks’ weight depends on the uses. It is also necessary to consider various other factors like customer reviews, warranty, care instructions and the size to come up with the best socks.

Apart from having waterproof shoes, it is necessary to ensure that you are fully protected. Personal health is very important hence avoiding wet feet especially when wearing shoes is very necessary. You should look for an additional way to keep your feet warm and dry. One of the best ways to do this is acquiring waterproof socks. However, you should consider all the necessary factors before acquiring the socks you desire. You can then choose from a wide variety of waterproof socks like Dexshell Coolvent, Crosspoint waterproof socks and Camaro Titanium among others.

Half Marathon Training Plan

One of the most common things that make the world amazing is the existence of various types of games. However, a lot of professionalism is required in training for specific games in order for an individual or a team to emerge as the winner. The half marathon is one of those games. Training for half marathon does not just involve running around to beat time but it involves a lot. The distance covered in half marathon is known to present a real test outside the prevalent 10k. This article involves a half marathon training schedule

For half marathon, the training will involve a period of 3 months, unlike the 5 months that are involved in the real marathon. Therefore, training for half marathon makes the trainees much flexible compared to those training for the full marathon. Moreover, recovering after a half marathon happens much faster compared to the recovery period that those involved in the full marathon take. This simply means that one individual can be involved in several half marathon races within a single season. This is good news for the runners and those training for half marathon since it presents an opportunity for one to be a champion in more than one race within a very short period of time.

The training schedule for half marathon involves a 12 weeks plan that is divided into beginner’s half marathon, intermediate half marathon, advanced half marathon and competitive half marathon training plan. However, a six months training is required for any individual to engage in any of the mentioned training plans. There is no single system that can fit all the trainees but you can integrate the above schedule into your system since the schedule is very dependable. Within the four mentioned phases, the individual develops tapering, speed, strength and endurance. It is necessary to ensure that you are in good shape before integrating any of the phases into your rhythm to get the best results a pre-training schedule of one week is also provided in every phase to gauge yourself and determine if you are able to run the number of miles that are required. If you are not, you can begin by adding a mile to every running session that you take until you are able to reach the required threshold. This means that you should be comfortable with the races started in the pre-training schedule of the half marathon for you to deem yourself fit to run in the races.

Beginner’s half marathon training schedule involves running for an additional mile in each warm up as well as the same for a warm down in addition to the fartlek runs. In the tables 1, 2, 3 and 4 consecutively which involves beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitive half marathon schedules, paces denoted as 10k or 5k indicate the speed you should use to run the 10k or 5k distance for a specific day. 4-5 hills mean a repeat of these number of times at a 5k pace on 150-200m long hills. If you see something like 4 by 880s it means that repeats of each 880 yards should be run with intervals of 2 minutes of rest and half of that for 440s. A pre-training schedule is also provided in figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 which involves beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitive half marathon schedules consecutively. The schedule for beginners involves 35 miles that for intermediate involves 40 miles, the one for advanced involves 45 miles and that for competitive involves 55 miles.
Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 1

Table 1

Intermediate Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 2

Table 2

Advanced Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 3

Table 3

Competitive Half Marathon Training Schedule
Fig 4

Table 4

In order to excel in half marathon, you have to do a lot of training. However, training randomly cannot earn you the strength, the speed and endurance that is required. You must have a schedule to follow in order to advance to the most competitive level with time. The adaptability of the body of human beings takes place gradually and that is the essence of the schedule. Once you follow the schedule correctly and excel in every stage, you are therefore fit to engage in the half marathon races. Do not stop. Keep pressing on!

Watch for Marathon Runners

Watches used by runners are known to be on the top of all the wearables that are available in the market. Their performance is very exquisite with a smart design, improved performance, and an improved battery life. However, people are still looking for the best type of running watches that provide more than the services in the current running watches. We are in need of good apps that provide excellent statistics, good usability and accurate GPS.

Watch for Marathon Runners

There exist very amazing designs of watches in the market that have been seen to be amazing partners for runners in 2018. However, we still have to wonder which would be the best watches to settle on our wrists on the marathons or any other type of running? This article gives an analysis of the best types of running watches that are available in the market

One of the most amazing designs of marathon running watches is the Polar M430. This might not be the best selling watch in the market due to its look but it is easy to use and has a good battery life. It is an improvement of the Europeans Polar M400. The new design comes with a heart rate monitor that is excellent for training as well as the real running. This property helps you to monitor your daily fitness with just a wearable on your wrist. Its ability to track the distance covered as well as the smart notifications make it an excellent device to use. The polar app built in the watch helps one to monitor the daily activities. Basing on the fact that it has a battery life of up to 30 hours, it can serve as a good training companion. Nonetheless, the manufacturers of this watch did not integrate more sophisticated running dynamics like those found in the Garmin Forerunner 935 or the Polar 800 which seem to be better running watches thanM400.

A perfect running companion would be the Garmin Forerunner 235 which is offered at an amazingly affordable price. This watch has a battery life of approximately 9 days which unlike many other devices makes it far more excellent. All the while, the watch will be tracking your daily activities and 11 hours of GPS tracking. Your heart rate can then be continuously monitored and you can enjoy smartphone notifications, live tracking, audio prompts, custom watch faces, activity analysis through Garmin connect app among other exquisite functionality services. Unlike many other running watches, this Garmin watch can help you backtrack your root if you get lost. The VO2 monitor always ensures that you have not pressurized yourself too much to hinder training.

Unlike the Garmin 235, Garmin Vivoactive 3 has better functionality and improved services. This watch serves as a fashion, GPS sports and a smartwatch. It has been out to compete with designs like those produced by android wear devices and apple watches. Through the watch, you can use the Garmin pay to make contactless transactions. It also has features like heart rate tracking, GPS, multi-sport support apps and all the other Garmin smarts. You will also be fascinated by Suunto Ambit3 Vertical which is also another beat in the running watches. This watch has a thermometer, a compass, barometer, and an altimeter to help you cater and track all your outdoor activities. Its smartphone exploits are limitless and an excellent battery life that lasts for days even with GPS tracking.

The Garmin Forerunner 935, on the other hand, is an excellent athlete’s tool to have on your wrist. This watch provides the most complete features that you can imagine to be in any running watch. It has features like guidance for recovery time, VO2 max, vertical oscillation, ground contact time several running metric and more features. All these are complemented by a reliable GPS that helps you know where you are always. You can also check on the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus which is the latest version of the Garmin watches, apple watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Fitbit Ionic which are also good running companions.

Marathon runners always need something that can act as a companion in their tiring endeavours. Having a wearable around your wrist that can help you stay fit through monitoring the heart rate, allowing you to track your location through GPS, synchronizing your cell phone and monitoring your daily activities is a very good thing. Thanks to technology, out the market, there are watches that have far better operations than we may even need in our daily activities. If you are a runner, you should get one design of running watches for the best results

Marathon Running Tips for Beginners

Have you been thinking of improving your fitness through running? It is an excellent thing to do. However, running is not just waking up one day lacing up your shoes and jumping to the track. There are a few things that you need to know if you are a beginner in marathons. These tips will make you an expert with time. However, your growth in the running world will be gradual hence you do not have to hate yourself if you do not cover the number of kilometres that you had anticipated.

Marathon Running Tips for Beginners

You should always know that beginning with short running intervals rather than long ones will do you a lot of good. If you are a new runner, covering a long distance in just one time will do you a lot of harm than good. The best thing is breaking the distance that you are anticipating to cover in intervals. Keep them as short as possible in the beginning and at times, walk between those intervals. The walk will help with your recovery. As time progresses, continue to lengthen the running intervals and shortening the walks. You can begin by maybe jogging for about 2 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes. You can then increase the running interval gradually by one minute every time until you are able to cover the anticipated distance without walking in between.

Another important point to note is that you should not start by running too fast. Running exerts a lot of stress and strain to your body. Therefore, you must make it used to all the factors before you can begin your race with a rush. This is a very common mistake for many beginners and its price is dire. Beginning a race with a rush results to injuries, pain, overexertion and frustration among others are just a few of the things that you might face. Sometimes amidst jogging, you might feel like you need a rush but this is not advisable. Maintaining the pace until you cover the distance is very important. You should begin with a pace that is easy for you to have a conversation. Those who give their bodies’ time to adapt to the new stresses enjoy the ultimate success.

Recovery time is very essential amidst marathon training. If you had a successful first-day run, make sure that you have a recovery time of at least a day before you head out again. Your body would be better off if given a resting time to recover from the previous session. The cardiovascular system must be allowed to adapt to the new stresses in order to prepare the bones and muscles for the next running session. A great training effect without injuries can be achieved by having a training plan where you can run for one day and have the next day as a resting day.

Taking short steps and running easy is also advised. The technicalities of running as a sport short not be overlooked. Many beginners waste a lot of energy when jogging to lack of proper techniques. Developing an appropriate coordination for the sophisticated locomotion sequences for the distance meant to be covered is very necessary. Being in a relaxed mode where you make easy and short steps is better than making very powerful and long steps. Such long strides always make your forward momentum slower.

Identifying the right running surface is also very necessary. Mixing difference surfaces is better than running on an even surface. For fast running, you can run along pavements since the ground provides very minimal chances of turning your ankles. However, you should note that such a ground does not cushion the steps which are not good for the joints. Running on the forests or parks is good for cushioning but it is dangerous due to bumps, rocks and roots. If you want to train your muscles, a Sandy surface is the most ideal since you have to do a lot of feet lifting. You should, however, be cautious because such a surface can damage the calf muscles. You can also consider a tartan or a treadmill. Other essential things to note would be not getting worked up due to side aches, taking all the necessary care for the body and ensuring that you cross train

Training for a marathon is one of the best things that you can do to succeed in your races and for body fitness. However, ensuring that you train correctly is one of the things that you should consider. This will help you to evade injuries and stay fit all the time. To ensure that you train correctly as a beginner, you should consider the tips explained in this article for the best results.

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